Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why I Blog

The beautiful and oh so lovely Elizabeth is doing her first giveaway at Simply Bee, go join, follow, and you could win, plus it's the gift that keeps on giving cause her blog is amazing and her daughter Bee is the cutest thing!
Contest Question: tell me, in a short paragraph, the main reason why you blog.

Answer: Like most bloggers, bloggin is therapeutic for me, it's a release! What I can't say directly to someone, thoughts, questions, dreams, goals etc, I just rant in my blog and they it's said and I feel better, simple! But after I started having a "following" of readers, I realized I had a 'tool' and way to 'give back' or in my mind make the world a better place' Being that I have a lot of really great people who read my blog I'm able to pass a message, "life is to short, to be anything BUT happy!" I use this to my full advantage! I make a conscious effort to output POSITIVITY and good energy. Not to say my life is all peaches cause it's far from but instead of bloggin in a matter that is 'whoa is me' I posted in a way that can help someone out there reading that may be going though the same thing. It's my way of leaving something behind. Cause like a wise man once said, "it's not what you take with you when you leave but what you leave behind". I like to think of my blog as a "feel good" place and I blog for that very reason! ♥ There just isn't enough 'GOOD STUFF' in the world!
Take a min and visit Simply Bee take another to join this fun and easy giveaway!

2 love notes:

Elizabeth said...

i heart you so much!!! thanks for the post love ♥

Briana said...

ahh i need to do this! im in the process of trying to spruce up my blog LOL her blog IS amazing!
& you always make me feel happy when I read your posts. You have alot to offer the world through your words so PLEASE continue what ur doing!! dont ever stop :)