Friday, February 26, 2010

Smile Friday

this week's Smile Friday has been inspired by Elizabeth @ Simply Bee, read & follow. ♥

1. open your 1st photo folder (on your drive)
2. scroll to the 10th photo
3. post that photo & the story behind it
4. tag 5 or more people
5. most importantly, S-M-I-L-E it's FRIDAY!!!
I couldn't do anything but smile when I seen this picture this morning. So this photo was taken last year (2009) on Thanksgiving Day. In the photo is my father and all (3) of his grandchildren! My niece, Maia (13), my son Exavier (3), and my new niece Nyla (5 months). Can you believe my dad has FIVE daughters and only 3 grandkids lol I love this photo♥
ps. I believe that orb to the right is my mother...

What's you're 10th photo of?
tag; Mara, Shade, Daja, Bri, and Keys. Happy Friday Loves!

8 love notes:

Elizabeth said...

awe, this photo is adorable! i love it!

Jasmine Rachelle said...

aww soo cute

KEYS said...

wow the orb thing got me. <3
this is LOVELY! <3
i wanna do ittt tooo

KEYS said...

oh haha you tagged me <3

Miss.Fortune said...

thank you for tagging me.. i will do that in 5 mins.

Shadé said...

Where are my manners, thanks for tagging me.

sheiswinterwest said...

so precious! :)

Briana said...

thats incredible! I believe it is your mother too! :) Very nice picture my love