Thursday, February 11, 2010

Slug Bug Pink!

PuNchEd by: Madi Rose of shortshortsandsunshine

here is the goal: anyone who is reading this post, find a picture of one online and title the post "slug bug ___!" and try to pass it on by 'punching' as many blogs as you can and telling them to pass it on as well.

let the slug bugging begin! Pass it on!

I punch:
and little miss nobody

6 love notes:

Anonymous said...

great post! i love the pink bug! i have one in white! i'll get to this asap.

Jayka said...

YAY! i love this game :)

Miss.Fortune said...

lmao now thats gotta hurt
we use to play this game when i was a kid..nows its led to the internet

Anonymous said...

WOOP! I used to love this!

Micaela said...

i was looking and looking for a pink bug! how did you ever find one? wasn't her idea so cute? lol

i used to write stories of how i wanted my life to be and for some reason, i always wrote that my car was a silver old beetle. lol


Madi Rose said...

ahh thank so much for doing this :) seriously it just made my day!
and this bug is so stinkin cute. it makes my mouth water.. okay maybe not. now i just sound creepy.
i will be going now!
haha xoxo madi rose