Wednesday, February 10, 2010

nails and idol

So last night I was able to tune into American Idol, (only because ION wasn't working) I haven't watched AI since Elliott Yamin was robbed!!! (lol) I've seen a couple of the funnier stuff when they are 1st looking for talent but I've never watched it faithfully again. So since I was unable to watch Ghost Whisper due to all the rain messed up the channel I decided to watch AI, which now I'm so glad I did. They really have has talented people this season, I was seriously entertained and amazed and PS. Ellen (whom I adore) is now the new Paula if you didn't know already. She is always a delight to watch, I love her! Well in watching this epidode I FOUND AMERICA'S NEXT Idol!!!
Say hello to Andrew Garcia

Freakin AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I fell in love with him, he did such an amazing remake of Paula's "Straight up" as soon as I heard his voice I was like "Oh he is the ONE", I've always been a sucka for men with music abilities, ugh, it's just so sexy... (Aaron is fully aware of this "obsession" and sings to me all the time lol) Anyway I thought he was awesome and I would be really pissed if he didn't win, I don't know if I will continue to watch it but I'll keep tabs for sure lol.
Meanwhile, I was also hooking up my V-DAY nails since my poor fingers have been naked for almost two months now (so not me) I was greatly inspired by AstroWifey, her blog and nail designs are amazing, when she makes a trip to Cali in the future she promised to hook me up but in the mean time y'all know how I roll, it's a pink, red, & white valentines day surprise!! ;) I love how they came out! ox

6 love notes:

Miss.Fortune said...

TALENTED!! i love it..

the nails are soo cute..i see someones ready for valentines day.

Crumz said...

So sweet! Thanks Lala! I posted something about your blog on mine.

Little Miss Knobody said...

Love the nails! Yamin was definitely robbed, but this cat actually made a Paula Abdul song hot! I love it!!! I don't watch AI, so thanks for sharing!

Emilie Lynne said...

I thought the same thing when I saw him last night... oh baby ;) I love him! I hope he gets a record deal no matter what happens, because I want it already!

sheiswinterwest said...

they are so cute!!!! i abs. love them!!! can you do my nails someday!! please!?!

i love you!!

Elizabeth said...

I love your nails! did you do them?