Monday, February 01, 2010

January in Review

So 31 days down 334 days to go! January seem to fly by but looking back on these photos make me smile and cry, some really HARD stuff happen to start off the year but in the end things always get better and now it's time to leave January behind and move into the month of love. (where I'll try to get a little red or pink in every photo, wish me luck!)

9 love notes:

Celeste said...

this is so cute! what a wonderful idea/ collage to remember your month :)

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Sylvia said...

I love this post! I think its a great idea! Your pics are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love the pics, LA!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Such great photos in that collage. Baby on the bottom... A DOR A BLE! Seriously cute. Love the picture in the top left corner. :) February will be great.

Anonymous said...

I love your photos. this collage is a great idea!

Miss.Fortune said...

that was cute and creative!
the pictures were beautiful and from just reading your blog i think you're a great person.

Jessy Taylor said...

Congrats on the first 31. They are all so PRETTY :)

KEYS said...

i love it!
isnt it amazing how time flies doing something you love?