Thursday, February 04, 2010

baking boredom

Last night I was home alone. :\ Aaron was working late and Exavier was with his Nina in LA. I enjoyed the quite for a min then I was was bored outta my mind. Yes I was watching Ghost Whisperer & Criminal Minds but between the commercials I didn't know what to do with myself lol So I decided to bake! :D

Poison - cupcakes!
inspiration -
purpose - to cure boredom

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Amy Renee said...

Those look delish and so much better than the Hostess kind :)

Jessy Taylor said...


Home Grain Mills said...

Wow, perfect! And I bet they don't have that waxy aftertaste like the Hostes ones either! You're an inspiration!

briana said...

I seriously get hungry any time you post a picture of something you made LOL! :) looks sooooo good

Reggie said...

Thoses look sooooo GOOD!!!