Friday, February 05, 2010

12 more days

till this year's lent. Although I'm not catholic, I faithful participate in Lent every year, as most of you already know, I think "sacrificing" or giving up things you love is such a wonderful thing and really makes you into a better person! Since it's so close I've been thinking about what I could give up, then once again, GMAIL came to my savior! (i love my gmail lol) I got an email from PETA and low and behold there it was, Pledge to Be Vegan for Lent! I've thought about it and since I'm already a vegetarian, it will consist of giving up ALL dairy product for 40 days and 40 nights.

What is Lent?
Honor the following three traditional Lenten practices:

* Prayer—honor God by showing mercy to all of His creatures.
* Fasting—honor God by improving your health.
* Almsgiving—renew justice toward thy neighbor, both human and nonhuman.

What the Pledge states:
I want to honor God during the Lenten season by eating better, feeling better, and ending my financial support of cruelty to chickens, pigs, cows, and other animals raised for food. By signing my name, I pledge to be vegan for Lent.

Remember: As we do to the least, so we do to Him. Pledge to be vegan for Lent now!

I'm actually exciting about this and pushing myself to be a healthier and better person all while honoring our lord and savior! Hope you all will think about giving something up for Lent! Happy Weekend dolls! ox

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Madi Rose said...

this is way cool. i wish i could be vegan. but i never could :/ or vegetarian for that matter. but my best friend is.
hey, thanks so much for visiting my blog. i love your comments :)

Tammy said...

Cool blog...Im following you now...
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Shadé said...

I've been trying for awhile to give up RED meat and pork. After my very tasty ham sandwich today lol I decided tomorrow I will start.
Wish me luck!

Jessy Taylor said...

I have been thinking about lent a lot as we are getting our church school students ready for the season, and I think I have settled that I will become vegetarian during this time, I have been wanting to do this for a long time actually, but I think it would be so hard with my family loving bbq nights, but I am praying I will have the strength during lent to do this.

vegan... I know I couldn't jump that far, baby steps... but GOOD LUCK to you!

Morgan said...

this is awesome! My bf and I have made a vow to make more conscious decisions about our food choices... more ethically treated animals and such... but I'm not sure I could go vegan. Good luck!

superduperkya said...

i love your blog & all of the pictures!
i wish i could do lent, but i know for sure if i give up something i love it will be extremely hard & i wont go through with it, so props to you!

Cook.ThePoet. said...

Your blog is so cute


Crumz said...

cute post. thats dedication, giving up something you love.
thanks for the comment! i actually found that picture on tumblr, so im not quite sure the exact source. it was reblogged a few times, and found it very clever! Glad you like it! ;-)

Miss.Fortune said...

i believe its all in the mind..
you have very great self discipline to give up something you love..
i encourage you!

go L go L! lol

Darling Nikky said...

you have alot of will power to be a veagan!

sheiswinterwest said...

i need this shirt!

liz said...

this shirt is hot!