Tuesday, February 16, 2010

12, 13, 14, 15

Happy Tuesday everyone! So like I said I'm working on this new layout (still not satisfied...) But I wanted to get my 365 up to date, so here we go...

Friday Night

after work on friday I had a huge craving for spaghetti so I made some up and watch one of my favorite movies!

Saturday afternoon

"WHO YOU GONNA CALL..." Me & Ex spent the day shopping and running around getting things together for VDAY, then I spent the NIGHT (& wee hours in the AM) Baking!!


@ the John Legend concert, my favorite thing in the world, *his hands around my waist!! (I loved my outfit that night)

The Morning After, Monday

my niece, sleeping beauty!

Follow Along, a simple 356

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Anonymous said...

WOOO! Im liking this new layout!
& seriously, im coming to visit one weekend for dinner. you found my weakness (food) -_- LOL btw how was John Legend!!! I love him!

Micaela said...

YUM! I LOVE your friday... and "spanglish"-- Adam Sandler at his best. I love the restaurant scene.

his hands around your waist... ADORABLE and yes, the best feeling ever! (jealous you saw John Legend!)

and your babies are BEAUTIFUL.

Anonymous said...

i like the new layout, and the photos are too cute! especially the one of you and him :)

KEYS said...

^ took the words right out my mouth!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Now I want pasta and its only 9am here.