Friday, January 29, 2010

weekend check list

Oh how glad am I that it is Friday @ 5 o'clock!! You have no idea, this fast has really kicked my butt! I'm exhausted to the max, I really am not use to it anymore (which is bad) but I'm glad I made it threw, I just can't wait to grub lol. So look out weekend here I come...

the weekend check list:

Baking, baking, and BAKING!! 
Taking Ex to the Kids Expo to see Sid the Science Kid, I can't even front I'm excited haha I haven't told him we are going yet, I know he is going to be thrilled!

(photo credit: Rosy~Posy)
Thanks to Rosy~Posy I have so great V-day craft up my sleeve. My plan is to get a head start with my V-day gift and card so this weekend I'm putting this hands to work, can't wait!!

Making ceviche for my love and I think I'm going to stuff avocados with it. Y'all already know how much I love cooking so I know I'm going to have fun with this one. PLUS I'm super hyped he got another weekend (day) off, Sunday we get to play, YAY!

MOVIE NIGHT!! Plan on tackling the two new movies we bought last weekend.

I plan on starting my 29 days this weekend as well and I will start buy donating tons of clothes! Spring cleaning here I come!
Last but not least time to get my recycling done, saving the planet and making money can't be no better!
Hope everyone has a fabulous and restful weekend, be safe and have fun!!

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Anonymous said...

you can come and cook for me anytime :) hehe

She W0rd Hustlez said...

sounds like a fun filled weekend. enjoy it.

Kia Poison said...

Aww elle. Your the cutest..

I live in. Palm springs..that like 45 min from rialto!!! One day we should hit up victoria gardens..<3 <3.


Tammy said...

Please check out and follow my blog

Anonymous said...

baking is really fun! i have some plans for next week. can't wait to see the end product. recycling is also fun and healthy for the earth. i like it that your doing this, a lot!

have a great weekend, and the food looks yummy.

Miss.Fortune said...

omg..can i have some! lol

Anonymous said...


Jessy Taylor said...

dude you don't even know ceviche is like one of my favorites!