Monday, January 25, 2010

a new chapter

"If you have ever lost someone very important to you, then you already know how it feels & if you haven’t, you can’t possibly imagine it".

Last Thursday I got a call from Aaron (my boyfriend) telling me he had been robbed (at work). My heart instantly fell to my feet. He hesitated and didn't want to tell me but then he shared that the guy had a guy and took all the money in the store and ran off. All I could picture was this man pointing a gun at the man I love so much. I instantly became anxious and although it was almost 11 I told him please come home, I needed to see him in order to feel better. He agreed and knew I wouldn't get any sleep if he didn't come over. All I could think about was "what could of happen" while waiting for Aaron to drive an hour and half to make it home. My mind kept going to the darkest places, know how my heart has once felt before to lose someone you love so dearly. I couldn't stop thinking! Finally when we arrived I just held onto him until I fell asleep. The next morning was harder then I thought, I explained to him that I just can't deal with him working there any more, that maybe it's time for him to move on. I'm lucky to have a man that listens to me and really takes how I feel into consideration. I told him if they don't find this guy (which they wont) he'll be back, it's to easy and I don't want to take the chance of will he hurt you or not. It's not worth it, no job is worth your life! He is a manager at a tire shop, not a cop! I know this could happen anywhere I'm fully aware of that BUT once it happens you have to be smart enough to make some kind of change so it don't happen again. This weekend we talked more about it and being that I was still really shaken up about it we agreed that he would start looking for a new job. Although this was a major negative experience for the both of us, I choose to explain it as a positive one, I told him that sometimes we get so comfortable that we need that extra push to get us back in gear, I told him that I believe that this is a sign for him to move on and that he could find something much better that would allow him to go back to school if that's what he wanted to do. Whatever the case I support him and will always I just feel that it's not safe and I don't want to have to worry about him every time he has to go to work and close. Needless to say he understands and I'm glad that I don't have one of those hard head men who think they are invincible! I'm blessed to have him and that's why I'm trying to keep him! So here we go job hunting to start a new chapter!

4 love notes:

Jessy Taylor said...

I'm glad that he is okay, and I wish you guys all the luck in finding him a new gig!

sheiswinterwest said...

wow! i'm so glad he is ok.. losing someone you love is the worse feeling in the world. i'm still dealing with my loss thats so fresh to me. Good luck on yall new chapter!

Miss.Fortune said...

God was truly on his side. Have faith and everything else will fall into place. This may have been a different way of tellin him..its time for something better.

Im really glad he's ok. My ex boyfriend (boyfriend at the time) got robbed i know exactly how you feel.

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad he's okay. god knows i know how hard it is to lose someone you love. good luck on job hunting. god has something in store for him.