Tuesday, January 26, 2010

five day fast

"becoming healthy is all about having fun, it's all about developing inside yourself the will to live. it's all about getting into the joy of living again and getting away from suffering, moving away from the energies of guilt, shame, fear, all of that".

Monday I started my first fast of 2010, it was rough. lol (it's been a while) Toward the end of the year I kinda lost focus on my health once again but I'm jumping right back into it. I'm no where near use to fasting anymore :\ I FEEL IT! ugh! I'm fasting/detoxing for 5 days. Juicing, fresh fruits and veggies, breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner! With tons of water in between! I know my body needs this! The first three days are always the hardest but today I'm feeling a lot better then I did yesterday afternoon lol. One of my really good friends is doing it with me. It's always easier, nicer, and fun if you have a friend who is willing to do it too. People get the misconception that I do my fasting to loose weight, NOT it's purely a conscience health choice, we carry so much JUNK in our bodies, it's amazing (and I don't even eat meat)and after five days of only drinking juice, water, and caffeine free tea you still have to use the bathroom is mind blowing! The other reason why I do it, is because I truly believe giving up things you love (like food) bring you good karma. You easily become less selfish and become more aware of other things around us. Good things always seem to happen when your fasting or giving something up! So here I am on day two going strong about to get some lunch juice soon. :)

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Retromus-ik said...

Enjoy the fast!;) I did one this summer...and ur right and does make you less selfish. I found myself packing some of my moms cooking for my friends, and bringing my fam treats from work. maybe I was eating vicariously through them lol

Elizabeth said...

wow. thanks for the tip, will definitely try it. i love the picture! it's too funny, and i hope it works out for you!