Thursday, January 21, 2010

29 days

"It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it."

I was blog cruising this morning and seen a badge on Jessica's (The Giant Typo) blog for the 29-Day Giving Challenge so I clicked to find out more.

"Sign up and then give away 29 gifts in 29 days. Your 29 Gifts can be anything given to anyone... money, food, old sweaters, smiles, your time, kind words or thoughts. You can start your own personal 29-Day Giving Challenge at any time—there’s no official begin or end date. To complete the challenge, submit a story, post a piece of your original artwork, create a short film or write a song. Tell us about your favorite gives and the impact it made on your life to focus on giving."

I think this is an amazing way to challenge yourself and how a wonderful outcome I truly believe what you put out is what you get back i.e KARMA, despite that fact that A LOT of people use the word Karma as a bad thing it can also be a really good thing. When your at peace with yourself the universe is good to you. I think people spend way to much time on "self-involved" and not enough time giving or thinking of others. I think it's amazing that Jessica did this and that nearly ten thousand other people in 42 other countries did as well. We tend to forget that when we die we can't take a THING with us, nothing. But instead we can leave things behind!

Get Inspired!

I plan on taking on 29-Day Giving Challenge and I will blog my giving along the way in hopes that it will inspire you to reach beyond your own benefit and think of someone who could really use some cheering up or some extra blankets that are just sitting in the closet not being used. I know this is going to be a blessed time for me can't wait to get started.

For more information and 29-Day Giving Challenge go to:

"The love we give away is the only love we keep".

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KarinaG.L. קרינה said...

Is that post up above legit? Looks fishy. Anywho. It's so funny you post the 29 gifts for 29 days. I was having this convo with my husband last night because I was turning 29 in Feb. I was only thinking about myself, but this gave me another perspective and to give those who don't have. Thanks Lala.

LaLa said...

Hey Karina no it wasn't I keep getting spammed :\ idk why ugh! anyway I'm so glad the post inspired you and what a perfect way to kick off your birthday month! I love it! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

i love this idea. will definitely join!

Jessy Taylor said...

I'm so glad you joined! The whole group is very nice. Good Luck!