Friday, December 04, 2009

the zsa zsa zsu

"Some people are settling down, some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies." (or the zsa zsa zsu!)

One thing that will always remain the same with me, is that I don't listen or follow my heart, I make decisions based on my stomach, yes my stomach. I can instantly know the way I feel about a person by how my stomach reacts to him/her and their vibe/energy. So in matters of the heart why wouldn't I go with my "gut instant"... When I've really fallen for someone, I'll know. It's in the core of my stomach, when I even mention his name or the thought of me seeing him. The zsa zsa zsu as Carrie Bradshaw questions it in Sex in the City, "That night, I thought about what it takes to make a relationship work until death do us part. Most singles have more long-term success with friends. So maybe it is a better strategy to marry a friend. However, in the absence of sex—whether that's the arrangement or just what happens after a few years—what distinguishes this companion from your many other companions? When it comes to saying "I do", is a relationship a relationship without the zsa zsa zsu?" I feel 100% NO! The moment the butterflies stop and the natural high subsides so does our relationship. I think so many times people just settle for the next man who says, "I love you" or even "marry me" even when deep in there core belly they know it's not right but just to avoid being alone. I'm not a women of settlement, and I refuse to settle for anything less then complete happiness, butterflies, and zsa zsa zsu.

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Cirilda said...

You know that's the truth baby girl never settle for less....your heart mind and soul is worth as much as u will settle for so never settle for less than you deserve and that is nothing less than the person that light you heart mind and soul on fire...we all experience moments of weakeness and allow are selves to veer off the track of true happiness but it's those stops along the way that help us reach our never lose faith and never settle because before u know it your journey will be no more and u will have found not any one you need because no real women ever needs but someone that u truley whole heartly want and desire from the bottom of your feet to the depths of your soul andat that moment u will know your journey is complete...I love u honey bunches of oats!!