Tuesday, December 15, 2009

tiger woods

Seriously... MEN (& women) cheat A L L the damn time!!! ALL THE DAMN TIME! & with multiple people, in there partners bed, when there partner is away, etc etc, I swear news, media, fans, YOU act like you never witness adultery! I hate that celebrity affairs get so blown up, it's ridiculous we forget that this is HIS LIFE!!! Not yours, your neighbors, or the million dollar companies that pulled him. WTF does his dick have to do with golfing???!? I could give a fuck less about Tiger and not because he cheated but because I don't like golf lol I'm just saying why do people care so much? People cheat all the time, every day but because he is "famous" every chick he stuffed is coming forward, why do they do that? Bitch you didn't give a shit about his wife when you were blowing him, why are you coming forward??! STFU! Ok I just had to let that out, ENOUGH with the Tiger Woods shit, it's dead. UGH!

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