Thursday, December 17, 2009

Goodbye 09'

but not before I take this Tasteless Survey!!
courtesy of of my girls @ Tasteless Diamonds

1]My favorite album was?
Maxwell Black Summer's Night

2]Most prized posession?
The diamond Journey necklace Aaron bought me for my birthday

3]Shit I gave up on...
caffeine (oh how I want a coke lol)

4] Something I fell in love with...
John Mayer

5] A goal I accomplished was..
Moving into my own place

6] Something I changed about myself...
stop being a door mat! Sucka Free! lol

7] Favorite Movie-
The Hang Over

8] I've been wanting it all year...

9] Historic event-
Again, moving into my own place!! Independent status!

10] BEST 2009 memory..
seeing my son turn 3 <3

HOW Tasteless was your year?

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