Sunday, November 01, 2009

lacking --

hello loves!
once again here I go....

the motivation for this blog has been VERY low lately... thus why the lack in updates & also why the change in layout (thought a new look would encourage me,, will see && I'm still working on that..). Anyhow beside that life has been really busy. This month has been super fun but yet super stressful and full of sickness, which I believe I'm getting sick AGAIN (3rd time i believe). BUTTTT.. I'm madly happy in my life; personal, social, intimate, work, u name it!!! Things are really good and I'm sparkling with happiness! (so I've been told)I just feel like I've lost my internet mojo *sigh* (anyone seen it?) lol I've even been madly MIA from Twitter "wisdom" as Nick calls it lol So what I'm I saying..... I don't family. That life is good, I'm happy and I can't seem to make time for anything else. That's basically it. Where is this blog going. That I don't have the answer for either...but I'm not at the point of closing my blog yet so here it will stay and updates.... well updates will just come when I have time or I feel like it. I just hate that because my hearts not into like it use to be. I don't know what happen... :( help? lol On a different note I just want to THANK all my new readers and readers that comment!!! Believe it or now I HAVE been on your blog and READ!! I'm working on following and comments back I PROMISE but as you can see I'm in a bit of an internet detox lol but soon and thanks again! For old and faithfuls THANK YOU SO MUCH for staying with me and being like my boyfriend and dealing this my EMOTIONAL ass lmao. Got so much love for you all! I'll be back in full of effect (i hope). Pray to the blog gods for me to snap out of it lol. Love you all


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