Monday, November 02, 2009

Khloe, Khloe, Khloe..

So most of you know that I love Khloé Kardashian, always have. I think she is NOT only the funniest sister but also the cutest! Double A has learned to deal with all her Mags and articles in my bathroom lol Anyway instead of doing several different post about her in one day I figures I do one and lump em all together, so enjoy! :D

Khloe makes her way to a LAKER GAME!!! When I went to the last pre-season game I was hopin she would show face, no luck. lol But I know she's been out supporting her boo since opening day!!!

The classic L & K !! Y'all already know I dont do the tattoo thing but this is sweet, so matter if ring is on or not, it's there.. each other! very cute! (dont hate) lol

Go figure! Lamar & Khloe and Me and Aaron Same costume concept! haha. ox i love this simple and cute!

&&& FINALLY the thing I can't wait for.... the wedding special!!! Airing on November 8.

2 love notes:

letsjustflyaway said...

Khloe has got to be my fav. kardashian she is hilarious & her personality reminds me of myself.. cute tats. like you said if they wear their rings or not they still have something to remind themm of each other.. cute! i can't wait for the wedding special either!!

Mrs. Johnson said...

i will love her TOO!!! lol.

she's so real. she doesn't care! she's honest. she's cute. great gal!