Friday, October 02, 2009

Fame Kills, literally.

WHY, KANYE WHY.... I was planning on this even tho I can't stand Lady I love him beyond reason. ugh. I don't care what anyone else thinks or says I'm so disappointed. smh. this is bullshit!!!!!

4 love notes:

sheiswinterwest said...

can i say i was pissed off last night when i found out.. I'm like overally obsessed with kanye and i was so looking forward to this concert.. =/

Sairy said...

i love kanye tooooooooooooo much!!!!

NIC-KIA said...

i bought my tickets and im still workin on my refund :/

HOW do u not like GAGA?!!
She's such an entertainer!

Anonymous said...

I still think about The Glow in the Dark tour and how freaking amazing it was. I was sooo looking forward to this!