Thursday, October 01, 2009


RABBIT RABBIT wake up wake up it's the first of the month... Did anyone else say "rabbit rabbit" this morning??! I sure did. I could use a most fabulous month ever, especally since it is O C T O B E R, my favorite month and time of year EVER!!! So why the "Rabbit" you ask. Well...
“Rabbit rabbit white rabbit” is a common superstition. The most common modern version states that a person should say “rabbit, rabbit, white rabbit” or simply "rabbit, rabbit" upon waking on the first day of each new month, and on doing so will receive good luck for the duration of that month.
& there it is. I'm not all the superstitious but it's fun and I could use some luck so hey why not. I've actually been saying it all morning. lol As far as the eye can tell this month look AMAZING, as I knew it would; "green monster, PDA, cold wind, spiderman, jayz & blog comments in my inbox this day has been beautiful thus far 8:15am".
Hope y'all have a blessed and successfully month, may your goals be met, love be found, memories made, and your health flourish!! It's a new day! <3

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NIC-KIA said...

cute post!
october 1st! my BDAY!!