Thursday, October 08, 2009

not so simple

Good Morning loves & lovers.
So I spent a big chuck of my day, yesterday working on this new layout...
what do you think?

I'm still not done, it's missing something... just not sure what it is. So I'm almost out of this slump I've been in for the past 2 weeks? I'm starting to feel like me again, maybe. Idk what it is I just feel all out of my element, something is seriously wrong there. *shrugs* what can you do but ride it out. I'm trying damn hard to get outta this anti-social rut I'm in. It's like swallowing me whole. I just wanna be alone in my own head. I know AA feels it and yet the boy loves me harder. *sigh* what did I do to deserve him. Needless to say I wasn't counting on my favorite month starting like this... gotta figure this ish out.... Just seems like when you got one aspect of your life down something else crumbles... you never win. I'm just so use to going with the motions but lately it seems all but possible, I can't seem to get pass the imperfections and just stay set study on them. smh I pride myself on being different by keepin it simple bottom line shit ain't so simple anymore. My whole life I've rushed to get to where I'm at... and for what... I left the grass I was chillin in to see what was waiting on the other side... word to the wise THE GRASS ISN'T GREENER on the other side. But it took a travel to know that and guess what, it's too late. Sometimes I feel like my breaks are not working and as I speed pass life, I'm missing every moment trying to get to the next one. AA always tells me, "why you always in such a rush, slow down", Am I rushing or just running?! Or when does rushing threw life turn into running away from life.

2 love notes:

Anonymous said...

I love that picture quote and your layout is adorable!!!

NIC-KIA said...

awww mamma i hate to see u get down are yourself, what are rushing for?
all N ya biz ona blogspot...u can txt me :)
By the way i frickinn <3 ur layout! i always do! u change it so often!