Tuesday, October 20, 2009

half pass dead...

**where I've been**

hello loves & lovers I'm sure most of you if not all of you have notice my absence not just on my blog but all internet outlets. where have I been? dying slowly in my apartment!

Friday the 9th my son got extremely sick, throwing up, fever, the works. Carried on to Saturday and seemed to let up on Sunday but little did I know what was ahead of me... Monday I woke up feeling like a truck had ran me over, reserved and smashed me again. It hurt to breathe. I forced myself to go to work that day. I got worst by the minute, once I got home I fell apart! I was out of work for a week. Aaron came over to take care of me Monday night by Wednesday he was laying next to me on the bathroom floor sicker than me!! There is NOTHING sexy about a fever body and throw up on your breath but we sure as hell bonded in a way that made is 10x closer. I felt so bad for getting him sick but he said, "I wouldn't want to be sick for any other reason but you, you're worth it".

Out of my coma of sickness but not quite 100 just yet. My body is still fighting for it's health and I'm not feeling myself yet. I'm super tired from being so tired!! I've gotta so behind on work and life. Being sick is the pits but what are you going to do! Exavier and Aaron are both doing better too. Exavier, being 2 jumps back to health with NO PROBLEM!! It's us "older folk" who have to work at it and in the mist of regaining health I'm trying to plan my son's birthday party.

Thus why blogging and all other internet life has been low on the things to do list. But I miss y'all and I have lots to blog ABOUT so I will try in the next couple of day to get y'all up to speed with elle. On a side note while I was sick I missed so many amazing thing, that I AM STILL SO SAD ABOUT... Maxwell concert, Nikky's LA trip, Ghostface concert w/Nikky, More than a House Wife, Cindy's babyshower, breast cancer walk... Mannn always somethin' never nothin'.

Well I'm not puking my guts out anymore so I guess I'm okay.

Thanks for all the emails and twitter. <3 lala

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sheiswinterwest said...

Damn! Glad you guys are feeling better!!!