Wednesday, September 23, 2009

on love, in life

Sometimes you need to put the past behind, the saddest aside. You need to forget everything you ever felt; your feelings, your thoughts. Everything that was ever there. Because you can’t get hurt if you don’t care. as I continue to struggle with feeling I find comfort in just enjoying my life, alone. I can't figure out if I'm "broken" or just gotten to the "I don't care anymore" stage, or just a combo of the two. The honest truth is I just love being free, free to do whatever, whenever. When a relationship becomes a chore, does it mean it's over? Like when being in love consist of being BORING? Why do people lose the excitement of dating once titles are thrown in the mix? And why in the world do you OVER re-act to the smallest thing now that we are "together"? I mean what good is a boyfriend/girlfriend if you not having fun? I've out grown so many things in my life and it tends to happen fairly quickly. I love being IN love but I also love being solo. Why can't I have both? Someone who will embrace my "free" spirit and love me all the same? I'm faithful and I don't get attached and despite what you may think and say MEN have a HUGE issue with that. Because I don't cry when you leave don't mean I don't love you or that I wont miss you it just mean I'm fine with and without you That's a beautiful thing people. For a WOMEN to love her self and know her worth, well there aint many! Why is so hard for some to grasp that concept? There comes a point in every relationship where you figure, it's gonna workout or it's NOT when you hit this road block you have a couple options, so many chose to IGNORE it and move forward, thus why we live in a society of broken relationships and homes because they draw out this LONG ass relationship with someone they should of left 5 years ago with they came to the "make or break" point. It's not worth it. My time is the MOST important thing to me and if you just going to waste it, keep it pushing. I want to embrace my life and just because you love each other DOES NOT MEAN you SHOULD or HAVE to be together!!! Love comes in all shapes and forms, there is so many different types of love. UGH! Thus brings me to my next question, is there life after a break-up? I mean can there be a break up without someone getting hurt? Is this possible. Can love STILL subside after you learn it's just not gonna work out? I mean just because we didn't make it as a couple doesn't mean that I hate you guts (well at least in most cases) I guess everyone is different. I mean not everyone take relationship to levels of true heights anymore, people cheat, lie, so on and so on. But a true bond is made when you spend so much time with a person and if all is GOOD and no one ever cheated or hurt one another why can't there be bliss in a friendship? So in the end I guess you have to make your own case for what's right for YOU! It doesn't take pain to know what love is but nothing worth keeping comes easy... So I'll leave you with the one question that everyone wonders, even me, is love enough?

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NIC-KIA said...

your gonna make me blind with your TINY font size, but I cant stop reading cause I'm addicted. Addicted to what you gotta say...your wisdom goes hand in hand with Rev Runs, & thats some knowledge for ya ass!
Whatever happens, i hope you happy. It is obvious you are a strong woman, I just hope you are truly happy!