Wednesday, September 23, 2009

girl gone Jets

Meet Mark Sanchez (although I doubt your doing any reading right now...) The new Rookie QB for the JETS. Now I'm no JETS fan, yet. Back after taking one look at this dude, I mean really....Reason to be a fan (beyond that he is ever so nice to look at) He is a Cali grown, born in Long Beach, (downfall - for me anyway baby is only 22, smh) He is a former Trojan (USC) and best of all he is number 6 (that is my favorite/lucky number and always my number when I player sports) This guy is quite the dream boat. Can't believe how much money old dude is about to make and he is only 22. *deep sigh* wow. & hey if he F's this up he has a long career in underwear advertisement ahead of him. haha.

2 love notes:

Sairy said...

this wtf im talking bout baby!!! CALI all day!! im a ravens fan but he can be boyfriend #2 lol

NIC-KIA said...

what race is this handsome fella!
he would get jumped on!