Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Done Up

So I haven't been posting my nails like I should so here is a quick update,

These are my game nails. As I mentioned on another post I just went to a Dodger game. Here is what my brillant mind (lol) came up with! They were so cute I loved them!!

& My Current Nails,
Green with Zebra & glitter. These have to be my favorite thus far. I love them and so do these students lol.

5 love notes:

Sairy said...

I did a loud purple w/ Zebra -the glitter!! i l-ove the nails!!!

Anonymous said...

loving the nails! cute cute cute!!

Anonymous said...

I love your little hands!

NIC-KIA said...

love your LA nails!
u did them yourself??
And i must say quite creative wiff the neon green!

LaLa said...

Thank you Ladies!!!

&& yes I did them on my own and used thin brush (NO Marker!)