Monday, September 21, 2009


All Followers and Readers, So I've been MIA from the blogging scene, I've had a lot on my plate recently and I just didn't have time to post anything on top of that I really didn't know how to express my feeling and situations recently. So I stood clear and just let time pass. After a late night convo with Bread and truly PUSHED the issue of my NOT posting. lol & said "if you don't post by tomorrow, I will unfollow you on twitter" lmao Now that's a true friend lmao. Anyhow I really to appreciate the comments, emails, and twitter about my blog and really love all of you. Writing is such a HUGE thing to me and then to know I actually have faithful people who read my ish is even more of a reason for me to continue to share and post. I thank you all for visiting and a sweet hello to all my new follows, welcome! I do have a lot to update y'all on so you'll see a few more post today. ENJOY!

3 love notes:

Anonymous said...

Yes! You need to post. by the way... I love the new haircut!

The Corny Collins Show said...

I did unfollow you.
but I came back to my senses and re-followed you.

thank you so much.

I get to read your mind again!

NIC-KIA said...

girl! i missed u! hexxa!
i can read and comment EVERY one of your post!