Sunday, August 30, 2009

So this is officially my THIRD week working IN A ROW, 7 days, no day off.... I'm hella EXHAUSTED and even that is an understatement. My body hurts like nobody's business!! Mann I'm so F'in tired my face hurts... smh. I work all next week also so Yes that mean another 5 five to go before I even see a day of doing shit for ME. I'm looking forward to a tight ass check tho, but I have so much ish to pay this week it's pretty much spent. Gotta pay my registration BLAHHH and get an oil change on my car. Hopefully I can splurge and get my a nice table set for mi casa tho. Shoot! All this working I better get at least a little something out of it besides paying bills and more bills smh. Ignoring that people keep saying, "wow you look tired"... *blank stare* BITCH I AM TIRED!! Had to be here to get shit ready for your crazy asses.. smdh hahaha. I'm seriously pass exhaustion and gone into loopy mode from lack of sleep. Exavier is going to be saying "i think my moms gone craaaazy" hahaha. Man push 12 hours shifts and top of no day off is not the business! Then go home and taking care of my son... smh That's why I look like this hahaha. Just venting thanks for listening.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there lover! You gotta get that paper!!!

NIC-KIA said...

lmao! i love the picture u posted with your bitching ha!
u boutta have to have that scilla scratchhhh!