Saturday, August 22, 2009

Now, y'all know how I feel about tattoos and such. BUT I seen this ish and was like, now that's legit! I love it. would i get it? HELL NO! STILL no needle of ink will ever touch this virgin skin!! I'm just saying I think a lot of wack ass people get a lot of wack ass ish on there body. FOR LITTLE TO NO REASON at all. Expect to be cool and act like lil Wayne or Kat von D smh. I have some really close friends who have some really original ish and I can't knock em for those but in the end I still believe your body is a temple and should be written on like a canvas, that's just me, you do you. Bottom line dude had brilliant, choice in ink.

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Anonymous said...

That ish is hot as hell....I'll be email you shortly....:)

Anonymous said...

it's hot. I love tattoos!