Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Green Monster,

So August is here and that means work in full effect, Aug and Sept are two of the busiest months for me (at work). Long days and even longer weeks. So far I haven't had a day off yet and well I'm not getting one anytime soon, I work this weekend (full days 8-5) and next weekend as well, I even work labor day!! Needless to say I'm a busy bee. These last couple of days have been extremely hard, it's like tug-a-war with myself in the morning to get out of bed!! So last night I was thinking of a master plan to get my body and my mind on the same page...
introducing the Green Monster,

Don't be thrown off by the color it's ever so yummy!! & it's like having 3 cups of coffee, no lie!! Since I'm OFF the caffeine it helps! PLUS vitamins on the side WOW I'm feeling so good this morning! Following my routine of packing lunch and snacks for my work day I cut my baby watermelon this morning, omg it's so sweet. Packed my a bowl full!! Didn't pack lunch today because we having a lunch on Scripps today (lol) Fall into the Green Monster craze!! For the green monster recipe and more photos --->
What you Need:
* 2 big handfuls of spinach
* 1 cup skim milk or soy milk
* 1 handful ice
* 1 large frozen banana (un-peel and freeze the night before)
* 1 Tablespoon almond or peanut butter
* 1/4 cup uncooked, old-fashioned oats

What you Need to Do:
1. Place spinach, oats, peanut butter and milk in a blender. Blend until spinach is completely smooth.
2. Add frozen banana and ice, then blend until mixture is smooth.
3. Serve in a cup and ENJOY!!!

I Actually bought this watermelon at the dollar store and OMG let me tell you, it's juice and sweetier then ones I've bought in the grocery store!!

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LALA said...

this looks so good! can u be my mom for a day!? lol