Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Fuckery has Arrived

He's bacccccccccck!!!
I like to call him my Dr. Phil and he prefers papi, the one and only King of Fuckery REGGIE is back with a mission and statement!! One of my favorite bloggers is doing a Whitney and making a come back!!

"It’s my way of saying nothing in the world is perfect and no person in it is, either. None of us is exempt from certain hardships and heartbreaks. It was really important for me to blog from my life that men & women can relate to from real situations. I didn’t want to do an blog that painted myself as perfect because no matter how things look, no one is."
- Reggie

music, models, fashion, advice, & most importantly much fuckery.
get on it!!

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Anonymous said...

La...Mami, I'm fucking honored. Man, this is the reason I fucking blog. You....(tears)

I don't even have words. I am so honored. You know I love you, right?!?