Monday, August 24, 2009

Book to Film

Steve Harvey's relationships book "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man" remains at the top of the New York Times Best-sellers List, and now producer Will Packer is hoping to make it into a movie, according to reports. Details are still pending. I think there is many ways this movie could pan out which makes it very exciting. I'm a HUGE fan of the book, I've read it twice!! It's right on point, I swear. More than half-way threw the book is when I meet Aaron. I kid you not REAL TALK he has HELPED me so much, thus why this relationship is so different from ALL the others. The book is amazing and ALTHOUGH I knew about 80% of what he was saying already but it just validated it coming from a male's prospective. If you haven't read this book get on it ladies!!! I'm hoping this Book to Film deal goes threw!
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Anonymous said...

I haven't read this but I will do a feature on something I would like to call "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Gay Man"....I'll email you...:)