Monday, August 03, 2009

after the juice is gone...

I survived my fast and I feel (&look) amazing. My skin is glowing, jeans fit better, and my energy and vibin' in threw the roof!! My weekend was ever so busy (stay tune for weekend happening post) but stood healthy on the go. Now that I've totally cleansed my body, mind, and soul, I definitely plan on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I will continue to juice fast one a week, most likely Wednesday's. It's good for the body. A side from that just keeping healthy meals on my plate and adding more activeness in my week, beyond going to work and going home. It's a choice to live and a privilege to do it happy and healthy!! Try it!

Today's breakfast,
3 egg whites
handful of baby spinach
chopped tomatoes
white onion to favor

More pics and recipe --
I sprayed non-stick spray in a small pan to sautéed baby spinach, tomatoes, and onions for about 3 minutes, before adding egg whites. Then added 3 egg whites and sprinkled some salt and pepper. Cooked in less then 5 minutes.

Packed some salary and baby carrots for mid-day snack. Lunch plans with JuJu today.

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