Monday, July 06, 2009

life threw photographs....

it's been a minute since I did a 'life threw photographs' post, NOT that I haven't been SNAPPING shots, I just haven't been posting and sharing, I blame Twitpic and lack of time. lol Truth is I take so much more pictures now then ever, as any girl INLOVE with HER LIFE would ;) Anyhow as much as I enjoy taking pictures I enjoy sharing them more so without further or due here is life threw photographs June 2009 edition or as d33zilla like to call them June Where Abouts D is truly an inspiration, all his work is amazing, "he's my idol" heehhee
(I converted most photos to black and white, cause it's my favorite but some were just to pretty to change so I left as is and a couple are black and white and a hint of color, other then that NO photoshop took place!! & majority of ALL were taking with my cell phone, yes it's amazing)

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Mrs. Johnson said...

LOVE IT! you have a great talent in capturing moments at the right angle. thanks for sharing!