Thursday, July 02, 2009

Dear Drake,

your video is GARBAGE!!!

First the concert, then BET, and now this.... smh

you disappoint me and I'm sure 100's of (use-to-be fans)

they say it better --

Curtiss King - "What happened Drake? I ain't complaining about that soft core porn music video, but it falls short of all the buzz you've been getting."
"How do you make a song for a female fanbase and then shit on them."

JuJu - "word the eff up! i am disgusted
he should just vanish
"slip up and shoot the wrong fucking video and they think they can market you however they decide to."
i have news for your drizzzy
you shot the wrong video and i decided i don't like you"

DanaLaRock - "<<<< x'd out the "drake video" after 10 sec's."

Arcieri Keness - "After bein' told to watch Drakes vid. I see 2009 is all about the BREAST <--welcome back girls."
"PS. I still can't take Drake or his music serious."

2 love notes:

Curtiss King said...

LOOOOL! Fuck Drizzy or Yeezy for this video...this just stinks! Just leaves a bad taste in your face. :(

Jasmine Nicole said...

i agree, love the song but the video could of been 10x's better. Anyone who tries to watch it i'm sure is distracted by the constant bouncing of boobs.