Friday, July 31, 2009

Day FIVE !!

So I've made it to day five and only have two days left in my Juice Fast. Beyond feeling ridiculously tired, I feel good, my skins looks flawless, I've been able to get so much stuff day (focused), and my jeans well I've been pulling them up all morning. My friends and co-workers are so amazed I'm pushing pass all the obstacles in front of me and just doing the damn thing!! That's the achiever in me again. lol This morning I had my first shot of Wheat-grass. I was nervous because of all the mixed feed back I had gotten. But I actually liked it and it truly gave me an amazing energy boost! My juice this am consisted of Apples and Oranges over ice. It was so filling and tasty. Yesterday was pretty hard, had to walk away from my sister's birthday cake... & birthday cake is my favorite thing in the world. It was hard being at a birthday party, not eating anything. But like JuJu said, "Cake looks good but cleansing your body look better. What u crave is what's most bad for u!" So So So true at the end of the day I'm so glad I didn't give in. My health is number one right now and I'mma keep pushing!!!

ps. seriously try a wheat-grass shot OVER a redbull, monster today!!

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LALA said...

im so glad your doing this! you motivated me! :)