Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 3 & 4

I'm still alive guys and surviving my fast, haven't quit nor cheated!! I've been getting better with the juicing mixing and matching as well. I feel so good. I know I would feel 20x better if I would get some sleep.. lol but that's a whole other post. But the Juice Detox is definitely doing it's job and I'm in great spirits people can't believe how well I'm doing. But like JuJu told me today, "your just so head strong!" and that's just it, once I put my mind to something I wont stop till I met my goal or finish the task at hand. Don't have to be the winner but have to succeed and finish!! That's the achiever in me! Currently I'm having my lunch Juice which is carrots and oranges, AMAZING!! It's so good and refreshing! I do have one really good recipe to share....
For breakfast yesterday my juice consisted of:
1 banana
2 peaches
and a chuck of honeydew

yummy combination!! Over crashed ice!!

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