Thursday, June 18, 2009

yesterday & today

So yes I was able to take the day off of work and head down to LA to see the Lakers and watch the Parade! It was AMAZING and a hell of an experience. Words can't describe the energy in the streets that day! The weather was great and I had on my walking shoes. Got some ok photos (my battery died, I was so pissed!!) I spent the entire morning and afternoon with my boo and some of my best girlfriends. It don't get any better... Minus all the damn driving and traffic we had a blast, finished up at Roscoe's House of Chicken' n Waffles another first for me that day! I will post pictures soon, I'm lazy and at work so I don't really feel like it at the moment lol but if you FOLLOW ME on Twitter you already seem some photos. As you can imagine I freaked when I seen Fisher, mannnn he was so close.... so close yet so far hahaha and like Curtiss King said, "and for a quick second you forgot you were in a committed relationship! Fisher has you at hello." lmao something like that! But in all seriousness I'll keep my champion, he already owns my heart.. awwwe (has to throw that in there ha). The day ended and well needless to say I was exhausted, my head hurt, and I was extremely nauseated!! blahhh. But I was able to get much rest and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start another day. But one thing was ever so clear in my mind and heart... I missed Aaron.. :\ After lunch yesterday he had to head over to work for a meeting, which ended up lasting all afternoon, so he couldn't make his way to Riatlo last night which was disappointing for both of us. So I fell asleep longing for him and woke up thinking of nothing else....

I told him that it's getting terrible, "the more I get, the more I want..."
I still can't get enough of him♥

Next up is Dodger game, same group +one more - June 26 - FIREWORK NIGHT! Yesss!!

stay tune for photos..

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Curtiss King said...

LOL "He had you at hello" thats that Jerry Mcguire shit right there! Youre hilarious...

4real 4real?? That was your first time ever to Roscoe's? You know a funny tid bit? I've at Roscoes maybe 6 different times but have yet to show up there. Booo!