Friday, June 12, 2009

what I say...

so after a B E A U T I F U L game yesterday, nail biting for most, but I'm telling EVERYONE, we got this, we are going to WIN!! Pfft no one had faith!! smh Now this morning everyone is like Lakers this Kobe that, FISHER FISHER FISHER!! S T O P If it's one thing that pisses me off most it's BANDWAGON LAKER FANS! pfft. Go home!!!!!!!!! Anyone who knows me knows Fisher has ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS been my FAVORITE player!! I've tolerant A LOT of back talk just for the fact but no matter what even when he got traded I stood faithful to him!! Everyone talks madd shit about his playing ability blah blah blah then this morning I turn on the radio and all these wack ass chicks & DUDES are calling the radio station talking about I LOVE D. FISH, I WANNA MARRY HIM, I WANT TO HAVE HIS BABIES blah blah blah... Bitch a second ago you were riding Kobe's dick so hard I thought he grew an extra nut, GTF outta here!!! UGH!!

sorry had to let that out!

My boy always does big things, ya'll just never see it pass Kobe's big ass head!

Lakers in FIVE what I say!!!!!

...all you heard was chins droppin' haha wheres your superman lmao

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Curtiss King said...

(Evil Laugh) Heheheheheheh! I knew soon as Fisher hit that shot Lala was cheesin like a picture day in middle school!! LOL

Damn, I just loooooove how these Lakers have so many players with heeeart other than Kobe. Ariza, Fisher, Gasol, Brown, hell maybe even Walton sometimes. lool.

And I fuckin hate bandwagoners myself. All were about to see around the I.E. is 4 Laker flags to every vehicle. Boooo.

First paycheck I'm gettin an Ariza jersey on everything. lool.

LaLa said...

Oh Curtiss you never fail to remind me EVERYDAY why I love your ass so much homey! Truly you understand me haha FORREALS!!! Ariza! Love it!!! haha Fisher is the ONLY jersey I own but maybe I'll look into Walton lmao hahahaha

Let's get it, LAKKKKKERS!

ps. damn IE residents need a flag for every window on there car smh prior to finals they didn't caught one laker game, regular season smh stick that flag up your bandwagon ass hahahaha

Curtiss King said...

I love you too homey!

Ooooooo every Bandwagon fan in a 30 mile radius just got moded!!Say goodnite and keep your butthole tight bandwagoners. lol. Derek Fisher is the definition of a grown ass man. He may not be the best point guard in the NBA but he brings his 32 year old muscle head, hard working ass to work. PAUSE. lol.

Haha and you know damn well you wouldnt be caught dead wearing a Walton jersey. If you do that I'm getting a MBENGA jersey. lol