Thursday, June 04, 2009

scope 6/4/09

"Life is a little crazy for you right now, but you get a sense that it's all for the best. You may need to ride through a rough patch, but you can tell that you're up for it, even if you can't see much farther ahead." cancer

this is so, so, so right on point! it funny how once you rearranged your thinking and life how you look at "low points" or "bad times" because I although I feel like my head in a million different places, I can't sleep, eat, or relax. Stressed and mental exhausted. I AM, HAPPY! & I know this too shall pass. I know I'm going through it, to get THROUGH IT, to get to the other side, which will be a FAR better place then here. God is Good!

2 love notes:

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

sad to hear that your going through some rough times but glad to hear that your keeping your head up and I know you will come out of it soon!

LaLa said...

Thank you ma! Always keeping up with a fight, it's the only way to go, I know things will get better! Thank you again! <3