Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ex goes UP !

We (Aaron & I) took Exavier to see UP last night, he was extremely excited and so was I, heard nothing but good things about the film. I thought the film was amazing and one of the best Disney films I've seen, TRULY! Although I did think it was a tad deep for a Disney kids film (or suppose to be) I was crying within the first 10mins of the movie (I know I'm sensitive but damn lol) Bu the movie was adorable and great story line and meaning. I thought the graphic were terrific (must see in 3D) The film was also a little long and Ex at one point got a little bored and really tired but for the most part he really enjoyed the movie and wanted to see it again. I think EVERYONE should see this movie and own it!! Also for those who have seen it, man I was the only on laughing in the whole theater when the dogs were calling the boy "a small mailman" lmao I thought that was hilarious, hahahaha, did no one get that racial remark, or is that just me and my sick mental. lol Either way classic! That is all GO SEE IT!

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