Tuesday, May 05, 2009

weekend happenings

those of you who don't follow my life via twitter...
Saturday I officially ADDED fish/sea food BACK into my diet (covers head)
as you may remember I gave up fish to become FULL vegetarian at the beginning of the year, so I've gone 5 months without and I must say it wasn't hard but I truly felt I was lacking substance. Sooooo, Saturday night Aaron took me to my favorite place in the whole world, to "re-instate" me, Joe's Crab Shack!! Being that we got there so late (he worked all day) ***and still came out to see me :)** (we live an hour part) we got to eat good but not drink (LAME bartender!) But non the less we had great conversation, singing, and FOOD!! It was amazing. We then decided to go back to my house wake up my sister, Evil and play KINGCUP!! Bought some drinks and headed home. It was bananas and the night ended after 4am... Being that Aaron got out of work late on Saturday and I was feeling so good, we didn't make it out to Chris's social function and we still had a good time, like we always do!!

"I can't drink anymore, I'm FULL!!"

best parts of the night -
1. Oscar joining the game via cell phone from AZ - "Huh?!?"
2. Aaron constant '5' cards, best dancing ever!! (if I put that video up here, he would kill me!! hahaha) "I'm not droppin it like it's hot!!) hahaha

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