Saturday, May 30, 2009

sweetest thing

last night (5/28) Aaron came over after working all day, drove an hour to my house, to take care of me and bring me meds, juice, and tea. I've been sick all week, getting worst ever day seems like. He finally got fed up with NOT being able to do anything about my sneezing, sniffling, coughing, fever, stuffy head... so he came down to play doctor! <3 Now that's sweet and all but NOT why I'm writing this post, don't get me wrong I know HOW MUCH this took out of him BUT he still did it and without complainant he took great care of me, PERFECTLY! But this post is about something that occurred last night while Aaron was over.

You see as many of you may have notice (faithfuls and friends) Exavier has grown quickly attached and fond of Aaron, I mean there Boys lol Exavier make certain that he talks to Aaron everyday and when he is not talking to him he is talking about him, it's adorable and a bit scary at the same time. Well you see this is no secret to me at all, I mean my son is with me at all times. I was also aware the Aaron enjoys being around Exavier, plays well with him and give him plenty of one on one attention and affection. But it wasn't until last night that I became SO AWARE of how much love these to have for each other...

When Aaron arrived Exavier instantly jumped in his arms, they immediately began bonding, I just sat back in watch (still nothing new...) Then to my surprise Exavier belts out, "I love you Aaron" I was so taken back and I didn't know how Aaron was going to react. Aaron said, "you what" Exavier said "I love you" Aaron said, "you love me huh, I love you too boy" my heart exploded in my chest... But I kept quite and just sat back like I didn't hear a thing. Soon after Exavier laid down on the next to us and fell asleep. Aaron asked me, "is he really a sleep" I checked and I told him yes. Then before I could say anything else Aaron got up walked over to keep and kissed him. All I could do was smile and think what a beautiful man he is. As I thought, wow... I was totally blown away when Aaron picked Exavier up from the couch and laid him on his chest and sat back down next to me. As I watched this man who I have already fallen in love with hold my child close to his heart, rub his head and kiss his forehead as if this child was his... I fell in love all over again, I thanked god for this beautiful man he has bought into my life, into my child's life. This unconditional love I thought didn't exist anymore, I have sitting right next to me.... and it's MINE!!

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