Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Monday's Done Right!!

So Aaron is much like me, a work-a-holic !! He never has the same days off and pretty much don't know when he'll be off until shortly before he's off haha .. sooo Monday he was off and we both has HORRIBLE weeks, last week and needed some FUN in our life. So I called in sick, we both slept in a little extra he came down and we started are carefree day of fun in the sun! (hahaha that was cheesy!) We had over to get grub then went off the the batting cages, then did some racing on the track, had some ice cream, and then hit the arcade... I decided instead of going out to eat dinner I would cook for *him. So we went to the super market and headed to my house where I started making dinner while sipping on Heinekens while Aaron watched my cook his dinner. The time to time behind hugs and neck kisses was much motivation!! Dinner was severed and babe scarfed down 6 tacos!! Dinner was followed by What happens in Vegas, Laker Game, & I love Money. Monday goodness.

moments that take my breath away....

3 love notes:

swede said...

aww that's so cute! I'm glad they get along so well, makes me smile. Hold on to that man you've got, he seem to be a good catch. I Wish u the best u lovely girl.
PS, your son is adorable(!!!)

love & light
, elmira

rissapeace, said...

such a cute careless monday..
cooking at home and vegas like actions beat any dinner out..
Ex's smiles tell the truth..I'm so happy for you mama

LaLa said...

@swede awe! thank you so much that means a lot, also that you follow my blog and give lovely feedback! I can honestly say that I indeed found and keeper and I'm just enjoying EVERY min and moment of it!! He is an amazing man!

@rissapeace thanks mama I love that he can do these things with me && EX and be fulfilled and happy, as am I. It really does stop my heart to see these two play so well together... <3