Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Friday Night there will be...

a Storm on Mars

if you don't know yet, your LATE, if your a faithful of ELLE you SHOULD already know,
Curtiss King
DL his latest The Storm on Mars
Learn How2BeFaMous with Curtiss
Keep up with him via myspace
& stalk his ass via twitter

For all going on Friday night, I'll see you there!!

ps. check out my dope rapper's latest interview with bricktoyaface.com -- doing big things !! So proud!! <3 nothing but love and support, as always!

now put that ego away before I get all wax on you!! ha

2 love notes:

Curtiss King said...

*Singing* I said Lala the friggin best....shes the effin best...the best that ever blogged....the best that ever blogged. lol.

Can't wait to see you and your boys out on Friday! Your support is so strong it makes a nigga wanna buy a Seal album. No lie. lol
luv ya

LaLa said...

awwwe!! your the BEST!! duh! ;)

Seal album haha you making fun of me mister?!? I can't wait either ! Thank goodness it's tomorrow, I'll be there sick and all! Yesssss!