Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2 of a kind

I have the best men in my life, my son and my boyfriend, no matter how annoyed or upset, one phone call, one conversation, a couple of lines and my heart jumps a happy tune and shows all over my attitude and face !!! I'm blessed!

"hows your day going" -me
"ok" -him
"just ok why?" -me
"cause Im not with you & I much rather be with you" -him
"Im getting a big head" -me
<333 ahhh he's the best !!

"mommy what are you doing" -Ex
"working" -me
"oh making money?" -Ex
"yes mamas making money" -me
"mom can you buy me cheetos" -Ex
"ok mommy will bring you cheetos home" -me
"ok mom love you bye" -Ex

lmao WHO ARE YOU??!?

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Nick said...

haha, i told you ex is my dude, exactly how i was when i was a kid, all he needs is learn how to perfect his michael jackson moves and we'll be equal