Tuesday, April 14, 2009


"Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted, but getting what you have - which once you have got it you may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you known."

When it comes down to it, we can plan, imagine, prepare, schedule, and "think" we know, what we want, need, and what we will end up with. Truth is we are SO WRONG! Most of us have this idea of what type of partner we want, what kind of house will have, what car will drive, and how many children will have. We keep are self trapped in this bubble of "out expectations" of what our life should and will look like. I'm guilty! I can't even count the number of men, good men I've by passed because they didn't fit my picture of what a man should be or what I want my man to be! But come on does that man even EXIST... smh. Now don't get me twisted I totally believe you should have standards, there is NOTHING wrong with that. But having this HUGE list of what he should do and have and say and look and wear and walk and kiss and fuck is just ridiculous! Telling yourself that you would ONLY date a certain race or no one under 6'2. Only a man with a degree or has to own a home. These very things are the things that will make you miss your man ladies! NO ONE has it ALL together, shit you probably don't have it all together and your ass is out there looking for a 10 when your only a 6 your damn self. lmao. Now I say this with ALL love STOP looking for someone who doesn't exist. This man your thinking of YOU'VE made him up, he's not REAL!! I'm not saying you won't find someone close to everything you want, because I mean that's the point. But you have to accept that he probably wont have everything on your long list of things, not saying he WONT SOMEDAY but you have to work with what he is offering and vise-verse. Love is work and WE as people are ALWAYS growing and getting better. The best part of a relationship is growing with that individual! Once you step outside of that box and open your eyes to EVERY TYPE & KIND of man, you may just find what you were looking for all along and not even realize it.

The best things in life come without warning! No flashing lights, alarms, or fireworks, although you DO FEEL the magic, the chemistry, your souls connecting. You then find yourself thinking, "He is everything, I never knew, I always wanted!"

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MDUBB said...

"The best things in life come without warning!"

You ain't never lied on that one.