Monday, April 20, 2009

weekend happenings 4/17-4/19

India.Arie & Musiq Soulchild + Six Flags + Thai Food + Hannah Montana + Red Robin + Star gazing & Meditation = the best weekend ever

scary thing is this is only the beginning ;)

This weekend had to have been one of the best weekends of my life, bonding was done, fun was had, laughs were never ending, memories were made, and photos were captured!

Friday I left work early to have so ME TIME, I knew my weekend was going to be busy so I took this time to relect on my week, have some R&R, and just pamper me. Got a mani and padi (which I'm pissed that my nail polish is already chipped *started chipping on Saturday, WTF! UGH!)had some lunch, did some shopping. It was nice. Later that night I had to Indio with my Ace (sister DeeDee) to Fantasy Springs Resort Casino to see India.Arie & Musiq Soulchild. Let me just say "OMG!!!" I've been to a LOT of concerts, seen a LOT of different artist perform and can I say that this was BY FAR the BEST TEE BEST concert I've ever seen! India and Musiq put on a hell of a show. I wont front when India sang my song, "heart of the matter" I balled my eyes heart. She is amazing ya'll. Live! It was such a heart felt show, her spirit and grace is just mind blowing! So many crazy things happened during this show, she came into the audience and I mean all threw folks and let me tell you she is GORGEOUS up close and personal! She bought her mom out of stage and her mom sang, it was beautiful, her and Musiq kisses (mouth) so freaken cute talk about real life chemistry in action!!! They both are amazing performs and sing extremely well live, it's breath taking really! I feel extremely fortunate to have experience the Soulbird Tour !!!
"I had a great time but you should of been here with your brown skin, your boo"

Saturday I took Kat (sister vita) to the airport. Off she went to see Oscar in AZ. YESSS! heehee Went home and got ready for Aaron. MAGIC TIME. Since Aaron couldn't make the concert he told me he would take me to Six Flags!! YAY!! I haven't been in YEARS!! So that's what we did and it was amazing. Spending the entire day (15+hrs) with him was just what the Dr ordered. It was a BEAUTIFUL day outside and everything just fell into place! Even the ridiculous amount of traffic we hit on the way made for a GREAT car ride together - singing, dancing, road rage, shoes, tickles, kisses, BRICK WALLS, and of course POKER FACES! haha. It was an amazing day to say the least! Ended with pop tars and rockstars !!

Sunday - prayer followed with Thai food with the fam bam! Let me tell you 3's were on FIRE!!! Then as promised to Ex to see Hannah Montana, which I really enjoyed btw. Exavier was super excited. If was so funny watching him with his large popcorn mixed with raisinets on his lap singing, "you get the besssst of both worlds" <3 so much fun! *On a side not : he used the potty twice during the movie *clapping* he is more then half way to potty genius and me diaper, pull up $$ FREE!! * yessss! lol Just thought I'd share! & and again I wont front I teared up in this movie lol. Don't judge me! Walking back to the car after the movie I hear, "sometimes love..." ahhh Aaron's ringtone haha
"hiiii!" -me
"hey babe, where you at" - Aaron
"just leaving the movie" -me
"well take your time, don't speed. I'm in front of your house, I MISSED YOU! I'll be waiting for you right here." - Aaron
"Really!? *insert poker face here* I'll be there in 5" -me
"can't wait" - Aaron
We went and had dinner and mango margarita's at Red Robin cause SADLY El Torito was CLOSED @ 9 ?!? WTF?!? UGH! but even tho they messed up my order and the Rita's were lame. We had great conversation and as always a great time. Followed with star gazing, playlist, cupcakin, and count down to Friday! Amazing end to my weekend 2am.
"I'm trying to put a ring on it..." -Aaron

good day! lmao (insider)

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Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

That show sounds amazing, I constantly play India Arie's album "testimony vol 1" at work so I can just imagine how wonderful it must have been to see/hear her perform live