Thursday, April 09, 2009

do you & [him]

"The biggest variable between a bitch and a woman who is too nice is fear. The bitch shows that she’s not afraid to be without him."
— Why Men Love Bitches


as a women of new times; 2000&nine we must remind our self of OUR individuality, separate from our partners. Know that you are the shit standing |next to him| && standing by yourself. Men like to know that you can hold your own when he's not home. No body likes a "lost puppy" keep it together no matter if your holding hands on the weekend scene or handling your business during the week. Yes! A man NEEDS to feel Needed and Wanted and all that good stuff BUT believe it or not a man also doesn't find "a NEEDY women" attractive. The feeling that she will fall apart if he isn't around or they break up is NOT a good look and is a major turn off! So Ladies, remember, you were FINE before you met him and you'll be fine if he ever leaves. Simply enough YOU should MAKE HIM better! Just like the song, "I'm a movement by myself. But I'm a force when we're together." Ladies let's keep it tight and together, because with or without [HIM] your A Bad Broad. Own It!

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Unbreakable said...

This is so true, Independence is very attractive.