Wednesday, April 01, 2009

by choice ,

In mist of deep conversation he began it say,

...."why do you insist on making me pay for THEIR mistakes, those men who came before me, those boyz who hurt you and played your emotions like a game of chest. Why do you refuse to believe the next man based upon the last man.."

It's when I knew my heart and mental is guarded by a brick wall, enclosed by a steel door, sealed with a sign that says, "not an entrance".

3 love notes:

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Its hard to let go of the past when you've been hurt :(

Mrs. Johnson said...

girl, you better open that door! every person is different and they come inot our lives for specific reasons. your blessing will mean so much more when you allow him in!

Seth B. said...

I'll have to disagree with my sister's comment above. You know my philosophy. There's nothing wrong with being a little guarded. I agree, don't miss out on your blessing, but protect yourself. Be cautious. If he is serious, he'll be there as long as you don't mistreat him.