Thursday, April 16, 2009

10 vents I hate about you

Just need to take a minute or two to vent to you all, don't take what I have to say to heart or to the ass cheeks, I just gotta get some shit off my chest,

"& Mama always say,
Don’t ask permission, just ask forgiveness you know
So uhh
Forgive me..."
-Drake via The Calm

1. it's been 36 hours 32 minutes & 13 seconds since you said, "I'll call you back.."
one sure way to get under my skin is NOT follow threw with what you said your going to. From a back call to a jumping jack if you say your going to, DO IT! By all means I know things come up and shit happens but with technology these days there is one reason to go pass an entire day without a text saying "I fell a sleep, sorry", "my dog got ran over, sorry", "I'm busy jacking off, sorry", ANYTHING!!! See to men this shit seems so minimal and maybe even to some of the ladies BUT I'm so easy on A LOT of shit I have to be hard somewhere and this is it, CONSISTENCE is EVERYTHING to me, if you don't have it or can't maintain it keep it pushing! I just don't understand the way men think sometimes, I've played the whole "If I did it to you game" before and you best believe you dudes WERE NOT feelin my ass, "where you been, why haven't you called me, you said you were gonna get at me, etc etc" I could do that, show him how it feels but the truth is I'm O-V-E-R OVER the games and having to play them... I just need to individual who on the same level and wave length that wont find FOLLOWING THREW to be such a hard ass task!

2. "I am perfectly Strong" -- This past week has been extra stressful, for whatever reason. I've kicked up my mediation and alone time. For the pass two days I've been breaking out in hives, down my arms, legs, shoulders, neck, back, and tummy. They don't seem to stay in one place, they move around. I'm still unsure as to what exactly is bring on these outbreaks but I know that it's deep rooted in my sub-conscious somewhere. I'm usually very good about maintaining my stress levels and knowing when and why I'm stressed but lately this isn't the case at all. My ulcers are acting up, I can't eat anything without getting massive heartburn and acid reflex. I fell extremely exhausted but can't sleep and I'm having angry out burst left and right! Now someone tell me, there is nothing wrong.... *sigh* Granted this is a VERY busy time during the academic year and things at work have been so crazy & like always I have my own personal, everyday struggles or trying to be supermom, sister, friend, lover, giver, worker, blah blah blah... Although I feel great and happy, I feel terrible and stuck and I know this is the devil at work. God is making huge moves in my life and I know the devil can't stand it. As I continue to fight and overcome what ever this is I have to remember I'm not alone, even tho it feels like it at times. If this doesn't get any better by the weekend I'm going to make a doctor's appointment!

3. I'm a firm believer that "ducks DON'T stay in a row", you know that sane "I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row" well sweetheart I got a news flash for your ass, it's pointless, ducks don't stay in a row, that's why they mama be chasing their asses all over the pound. haha. When you FINALLY get one part of your life in "perfect" order, just how you want it, other part of your life falls apart, that's just how it works. Life isn't about making "our ducks" line up in a perfect row, it's about living the "ducks" no matter where they go and land. Half of living is living out of order. I may never have it all together but I grantee I'll be happier then most who think they do!!

4. 22 years lived! smh. After hearing, reading, and seeing what happened with Adenhart, number 34 on the Anaheim Angles, a 22 year old pitcher. His life was taken my a drunk driver, as well as two others. It broke my heart hearing this story because I feel like this happens way to often, innocent life's are taken by some irresponsible fuck-tard who just don't give a shit. The boy had his WHOLE life ahead of him and BAMM just like that it's over. I can't imagine how his family feels, his father was torn apart and it's sad to think that he will never take field ever again! Then watching the news finding out that they were QUESTIONING weather or not they should give the driver a murder sentence?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?!? WTF is there to think about. The kid even fled the scene of the accident! ummm is there a question about how injured the 4 passages in the other car were, let's ask them... OH WAIT YOU CAN'T 3 ARE DEAD!!!! Sometimes I just don't get the US and how we work. Drunk driving is NOT taken seriously. You see celebs getting DUI's left and right without any real consequences, thus setting up the "big picture" for other DUI offenders. It's just really scares me that tomorrow a drunk driver can run over my son and just get his license suspended. smh. & isn't it ironic that the Drunk person is ALWAYS standing! Those fuckers never die!! If you can't drink and have a good time and NOT beware that you SHOULDN'T be driving then your an asshole and should never to allowed to drink!!! Get a cab, sleep on the sidewalk, get a hotel room, just be smart out there party people! Being sidewalk lunch meat is NOT a good look!

5. school, gym/yoga, trip, & nutritionist !!! These are the 4 things that have been on my since last month and still are. WHICH MEANS, it's something I really want and must take steps to put them into action. So I've given myself till the end of May to make moves!! Re-enroll to FINALLY finish and BE DONE with my bachelors degree!! Join 24hours with my sister, after much pressure, it's finally something I want to do, since yesterday I went to put on a pair of my work pants and my ass, literally my ass was having much trouble staying in, NOT TIGHT, I mean they were extremely tight but the fact that they were, wasn't.. haha you know! Plus I know it will give me so much energy! On top of working out I think yoga will really help with my mediation and stress release! With all the stress and mess I really need a REAL Vacation, therefore I'm going to plan a trip and just GO!!! No ifs, ands, or buts I'm going and I'm going to R&R x 1000 !!! Lastly I've BEEN wanting to see a nutritionist since I turned vegetarian almost 2 years ago now. Well I'm not waiting any longer, I'm going to start looking and asking around and find a good one and make an appointment. You know there is a such thing as an unhealthy vegetarian, I have to make sure my body is getting everything it needs!!

6. "Y’all be chasin, I replace them.." -- this may sound cocky or bitchy but it's the truth, lala doesn't chase any dude! YES THAT MEAN YOU! If you fall off don't think or expect me to put you back on. What you think this is! I've had 3 different dudes tell me about an Ex contacting them and that's suppose to do what for me?? I mean obviously I'm talking to you for a reason, you don't need to sidebar me on how "great" you are or how she must be missing you or missing out... Boy please! I'm always a privilege, your just a bridge! Again as bad as this may sound... men are like buses honey another one will be along in 5 mins. PUSSSH!

7. So as you know I get these GREAT tickets to see INDIA.ARIE & MUSIQ SOULCHILD, for tomorrow.. *sigh* Arron told me on Tuesday he found out he had to work... I hate that shit, when plans fall threw... I'm like stuck between a rock and a hard place cause really he is the person I wanted to go to this show with. It's really been bugging me this WHOLE week cause I can't make up my mind on what I should do, go, not go, sell the tickets, give the tickets.... UGHHH!!! What happened to me!? I would so have invited someone else that same Tuesday.. smh, I hate men. lmao

8. Must get Dodger tickets like yesterday! I'm pretty sad I missed opening game! One of my girls from my job went and had so much fun! JEALOUS!! But I need to get on it and get out to some games, I'm just waiting for the weather to get a little hotter!! Go DODGERS!!!!

9. "Explain my love? I don’t need to..." I'm complete gaga over this joint right here, My Love by THE DREAM ft. MC. It's my current "everyone else" ringtone. I love it! The Dream cd is definitely making my April play list for sure!
"Who’s the one calling you baby?
Who’s in love with your ass like crazy?
Who who who’s gonna flag our ship?
They just tryna get the love u give baby"

10. Everyone know I love my job but this week.... I SWEAR I about quit 10x over! UGH! I just hate when people don't do there job! I hate people wit shitty ass attitudes and I hate when people can't take responsibility for there damn actions!! Like I said it's been CRAZY busy in this bitch but shit don't think for one second your ass is busier then me!! FTJ!

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Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Sorry to hear about the concert, did you end up going?

LaLa said...

Thanks and I did and it's was soooo wonderful!