Friday, March 13, 2009

yesterday you said tomorrow ,

today is here and like most days it's speeding pass
you call me to say "I'll talk to you later"
avoiding this conversation that's over due
I look at the time
and I still haven't heard from you
but this is nothing new
you put off today what you said you'll do tomorrow
in fear of the present you pass off the sorrow
we'll talk about it tomorrow
but quickly your tomorrows turn into yesterdays and your today's tomorrows
how long can one put off it's main event
and still expect
his one spectator to hold that bet
it wont be long till all your tomorrow's are gone
and all your left with are yesterdays of what could of been,
what I should of done, and if I only had said
but instead, you pushed off today and said tomorrow....


The truth is many of us our guilty of putting things off, we do it everyday! But reality is this, tomorrow is NOT guaranteed to NO ONE! Today could be our last day, or that persons last day. We never know what the future hold, don't take it for granted, don't take people for granted, life is short, tomorrow may never make it..


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